Corporate Security and Business Intelligence

Corporate security is a complex of administrative, legal, engineering, operational and other special activities aiming to protect people, assets and intellectual property of a business organization. Corporate security measures are responsible for preventing losses, whether attributable to company employees or third parties, crime, waste, accidents, mistakes or unethical behavior.

Vlasta-Consulting helps Clients to properly assess actual threats upon which establish reasonable security procedures in everyday management practice such as site access control, physical security measures, usage of communication facilities, business operations control, critical information handling, and others. Our capabilities include design and implementation of Crisis Management Plan, in addition to Security Awareness and Loss Prevention programs that enable Clients to response to emergencies and avoid workplace violations, fraud, embezzlement or other offences.

Business intelligence is an important component of the business security management. It is the ability to collect, analyze and interpret data from covert and open sources. This work produces large amounts of information that can help develop new opportunities. Identifying these opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. The purpose of business intelligence is to support better business decision-making.

Our specialists carry out a broad range of investigative activity. This includes investigation on legal entities, pre-employment screening, and insight into employee corruption or compromise, among others. Due diligence enables our Clients to identify potential risks and liabilities in conducting business with partners, contractor or suppliers throughout Russia and the CIS. We use an international network of data bases and contacts to provide detailed and factual intelligence.

Our work includes, but is not limited to, the following services:
  • Risk assessment and vulnerability audit reports;
  • Comprehensive audit of Site Security Profile;
  • Review of management practice with regard to effective security policy and planning;
  • Solutions to adjust available security procedures as needed;
  • Security surveys and intelligence reports;
  • Assessment of solvency and credibility of organizations and individuals;
  • Assessment of venture, investment, market, and credit risks;
  • Study of opportunities for merger and acquisition;
  • Analysis of non-shareholder influence and real ownership structure;
  • Examining relationships with local regulators and allegations of corruption cases;
  • Internal workplace investigations (following fraud, theft, other incidents);
  • Revealing intricate internal and external fraudulent schemes;
  • Design and implementation of proactive measures to prevent fraud;
  • Protection of trade secrets and proprietary data;
  • Revealing canals of security leaks.

Example of In-depth Investigation on legal entity:
  • Collection of data on legal registration;
  • Collection of data on legal form;
  • Collection of data on changes in the foundation documents and reregistering;
  • Collection of data on liquidation;
  • Collection of data on management and organizational structure of management;
  • Collection of data on founders (legal entities and physical persons);
  • Collection of data on entity location (legal and actual addresses);
  • Collection of data on branches, affiliates and head offices;
  • Collection of data on amount of premises;
  • Collection of data on financial statistics and reports;
  • Collection of data on statistics on employment units;
  • Identification of liabilities and assessment of reputational risk;
  • Reveal organizations assessed to have links with money laundering;
  • Data check to reveal contacts with organized crime groups;
  • Collection of basic data on competitors.

The time frame is three-ten working days for collection of data on most of the information requirements listed above.
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Vlasta-Consulting provides services that cover a wide spectrum of solutions related to corporate and personal security. We secure business in many ways and enable our Clients to operate in hostile environments at substantially reduced risk to their employees, intellectual property and assets. Our work is to recommend integrated solutions to adjust security measures as needed. We offer a comprehensive range of Due Diligence and Investigation services, as well as develop Security Awareness training and Crisis Management plans, in addition to Data Protection and Loss Prevention programs. We help our Clients to solve problems, avoid crises, and build value.

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Accurate and timely intelligence is of great strategic value to companies. The modern market is dynamic and continually changing environment. It is impossible to score success in business without understanding what are the market processes and how do the key players act. We utilize all channels and technologies to collect data in Russia and abroad. Upon penetrating analysis of information obtained from diverse sources our specialists make up a comprehensive picture of a subject under study to response to each query in detail. We give Clients the essential information they need to come to right management decisions.

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Consultancy within legal field is important for any company to accommodate itself to high risk business environment. Our lawyers assist in preparing documents, give legal advice on particular subjects, support business projects, and represent customer’s interests in court. For many years we effectively protect Intellectual Property Rights of our international Clients in close cooperation with Russian law-enforcement authorities. Since 2003 our experts have been conducted numerous successful operations to protect well-known foreign trademarks from infringing. 
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Vlasta-Consulting provides close protection services to Russian high-profile businessmen and foreign VIP persons. We select, train and supervise over the English-speaking guards especially to arrange VIP visits to Moscow and regions, providing not only physical security of Clients but comfortable atmosphere while business contacts or at hours of spare time and entertainment. Our trained officers will fit in with your movements and lifestyle exactly, enabling you to live, travel and work with peace of mind.
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