Internal Office Investigation

Studies have shown that 30% of the population do not belong to the category of honest, another 30% can be called only relatively honest (i.e., they are honest when it is necessary to be honest, and when it is not – they behave as appropriate) and only 40 % are always honest.

In Russia, the situation is compounded by political and economic instability.

The proportion of violations in the field of social and economic rights of citizens is up to 30%. Almost everywhere treaties and contracts are conducted in violation of the law. Guaranties of labor rights of women and young people are not maintained. 25.4 thousands civil cases for reinstatement of employment were legally permitted with the help of prosecutors. 14,4 thousands employers that broke the law were subjects to disciplinary and administrative responsibility. Each year up to 300 thousand people are injured in the workplace and 6 000 are killed. more...


Personnel Security

Personnel security could be described as the security of an organization’s interests in developing and improving its human capital, maintaining an effective system of management of human resources and minimization of the risks, related to its HR component.

The violation of the organization`s personnel security may manifests itself in various forms of employee`s resistance to the culture of the company, its norms, values and regulations. One of the manifestations of workers’ resistance to values, goals and standards of culture that exists in the company could be a demonstration of the destructive behavior, which may take the form of different types of fraud and theft.

Fraud, in its turn, can be described as illegal, by way of deception or manipulation appropriation of someone else’s property. Deviant behavior that exists in the form of various types of fraud is often considered to be the greatest thread. more...


Safe Recruitment

Recruitment and selection of personnel of any organization are aimed at:

  • finding people with necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the work;
  • choosing the best of them, according to certain criteria,
  • closing the vacancy, having satisfied the organization’s need in the expert.


Security and Performance

The risk groups include people who have come under the influence of any of the dependencies, and therefore became unreliable and could pose a certain threat for the company. Becoming dependent is usually connected with a person`s desire to escape from real life by changing his consciousness or its switching to the virtual world.




Occupational Safety & Health

According to International Labour Organization, every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease. Every 15 seconds, 160 workers have a work-related accident throughout the world.


Safety and Health at Work (prevention of workplace hazards, risks and accidents) represents a system of employees’ live and health preservation at the workplace, which includes legal, socio-economical, organizational, technical, sanitary-and-hygienic, treatment-and-prophylactic, rehabilitation and other measures.



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Vlasta-Consulting provides services that cover a wide spectrum of solutions related to corporate and personal security. We secure business in many ways and enable our Clients to operate in hostile environments at substantially reduced risk to their employees, intellectual property and assets. Our work is to recommend integrated solutions to adjust security measures as needed. We offer a comprehensive range of Due Diligence and Investigation services, as well as develop Security Awareness training and Crisis Management plans, in addition to Data Protection and Loss Prevention programs. We help our Clients to solve problems, avoid crises, and build value.

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Accurate and timely intelligence is of great strategic value to companies. The modern market is dynamic and continually changing environment. It is impossible to score success in business without understanding what are the market processes and how do the key players act. We utilize all channels and technologies to collect data in Russia and abroad. Upon penetrating analysis of information obtained from diverse sources our specialists make up a comprehensive picture of a subject under study to response to each query in detail. We give Clients the essential information they need to come to right management decisions.

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Consultancy within legal field is important for any company to accommodate itself to high risk business environment. Our lawyers assist in preparing documents, give legal advice on particular subjects, support business projects, and represent customer’s interests in court. For many years we effectively protect Intellectual Property Rights of our international Clients in close cooperation with Russian law-enforcement authorities. Since 2003 our experts have been conducted numerous successful operations to protect well-known foreign trademarks from infringing. 
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Vlasta-Consulting provides close protection services to Russian high-profile businessmen and foreign VIP persons. We select, train and supervise over the English-speaking guards especially to arrange VIP visits to Moscow and regions, providing not only physical security of Clients but comfortable atmosphere while business contacts or at hours of spare time and entertainment. Our trained officers will fit in with your movements and lifestyle exactly, enabling you to live, travel and work with peace of mind.
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