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Vlasta-Consulting provides security risk management and other security solutions to corporate Clients, organizations and individuals. Our services cover a wide range of management capabilities, group into Consultancy, Executive Protection, Information and Legal Support. Our specialists’ expertise and intelligence enable to identify vulnerabilities, reveal security gaps, foresee critical situations, and develop all the possible scenarios for dealing with potential risk and emergencies. We carry out detective and investigation activity throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We have a broad customer and geographic base throughout the world.

With the help of our lawyers you can resolve corporate conflicts and protect your business from hostile acquisitions. Our criminal, civil and corporate investigations enable to analyze strong and weak points of your competitors and business partners, reveal the most complicated schemes of fraud and swindle, prevent employment of unreliable individuals. Extensive background checks will help you to make informed decisions about job candidates, thus minimizing the potential for serious problems in the future. We can ascertain whether applicants have a criminal record, questionable credit or other negative points.

Vlasta-Consulting provides Clients with advice on entering into new markets, opportunities of emerging markets investment, choice of a new partner or supplier, and many other matters related to business security. The high level of the information support is a feature of our services provided. We can gain access to critical information that is not available in open sources. We help Clients to guide the most confident decisions about protecting companies, assets, people and intellectual property.

Vlasta-Consulting is one among a few Russian companies which provide a complex of intellectual property protection services. Since 2003 our experts have been conducted numerous successful operations to protect well-known foreign trademarks from infringing. Wide relations with world-famous companies and our foreign associates as well as membership in international organizations enable us effectively represent the interests of multi-national corporations in Russia.

We attach great importance to establishing long-term business relationships with our Clients, building up mutual respect and trust. Vlasta-Consulting has a strong financial and ethical base and works within the law at all times. We also provide confidential and cost effective services to agreed time and cost schedules. By understanding our Clients’ businesses, we aim to help them remain the best in their field.

Managing Director of LLC Vlasta-Consulting Vladimir Solomanidin


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Vlasta-Consulting provides services that cover a wide spectrum of solutions related to corporate and personal security. We secure business in many ways and enable our Clients to operate in hostile environments at substantially reduced risk to their employees, intellectual property and assets. Our work is to recommend integrated solutions to adjust security measures as needed. We offer a comprehensive range of Due Diligence and Investigation services, as well as develop Security Awareness training and Crisis Management plans, in addition to Data Protection and Loss Prevention programs. We help our Clients to solve problems, avoid crises, and build value.

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Accurate and timely intelligence is of great strategic value to companies. The modern market is dynamic and continually changing environment. It is impossible to score success in business without understanding what are the market processes and how do the key players act. We utilize all channels and technologies to collect data in Russia and abroad. Upon penetrating analysis of information obtained from diverse sources our specialists make up a comprehensive picture of a subject under study to response to each query in detail. We give Clients the essential information they need to come to right management decisions.

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Consultancy within legal field is important for any company to accommodate itself to high risk business environment. Our lawyers assist in preparing documents, give legal advice on particular subjects, support business projects, and represent customer’s interests in court. For many years we effectively protect Intellectual Property Rights of our international Clients in close cooperation with Russian law-enforcement authorities. Since 2003 our experts have been conducted numerous successful operations to protect well-known foreign trademarks from infringing. 
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Vlasta-Consulting provides close protection services to Russian high-profile businessmen and foreign VIP persons. We select, train and supervise over the English-speaking guards especially to arrange VIP visits to Moscow and regions, providing not only physical security of Clients but comfortable atmosphere while business contacts or at hours of spare time and entertainment. Our trained officers will fit in with your movements and lifestyle exactly, enabling you to live, travel and work with peace of mind.
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